Yorgen, the Bull

Minotaur Monk of the Yellow Rose


A mighty minotaur, Yorgen has trained all his life to master his bestial urges to kill, ever since he was taken in and raised by the monks of the Yellow Rose. Despite his obviouse potentual for destruction, thus far Yorgan has chosen a more defensive path, perhaps fearing what might become of him, were he to let go and unleash the monster trapped deep within his heart.

Having grown up amongst humans, Yorgan feels relatively at ease with other, smaller races, although he is always fully aware of the fact that he does not fully belong. He makes up for his racial characteristics by following the doctrine of the monks to the letter, constantly training and meditating in an attempt to be the best monk that he can be-fighting for justice and to protect the innocent.

Despite his diligence, Yorgan sometimes struggles to cotrol his rage, particularly in the face of obtuse individuals that he believes are an obstacle to the effective execution of his quest. Thus certain people in the trading post have been marked down for investigation and possible elimination if need be. The evil in the heart of civilisation must be burned away before the champions of light can truly strike at the shadows beyond the wall…

Yorgen, the Bull

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