Gunther von Panzerkrieg

A Half Ogre Landsnecht Cavalier


Son of Lady Marietta von Panzerkrieg, Paladin of Tyr, who was captured and raped by the ogre chieftain, Ulgor Skullcrusher, before her companions managed to rescue her ( though Ulgor himself escaped). The noble lady died giving birth to Gunther, something that haunts him with guilt to this day.

Gunther was raised by his uncle ( Marietta’s younger brother), Sir Vintar von Panzerkrieg who was also the leader of the famed Silverblades adventuring party.

Two months ago, the Silverblades headed north to the ruins of Tsar and have not been heard of since. Gunther, trained as a knight by a noble family with a thousand year tradition of valour, determines to find what has happened to his uncle, and bring vengeance down on any wrongdoers who have harmed him.

Gunther von Panzerkrieg

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