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Ourparty of brave adventurers have survived the denizens of The Camp, the mausoleums of the Ashen Waste, the depths of the Great Rift, and the great morass of the Boiling Lands.
Old Death perished at their hand as the spitting gargoyles of the great rift, the bandit lord Bartileus was brought to justice. Even the great tar dragon Malerix fell to their righteous blades. The last challenge of the waster, the great citadel of Kirgash Dirgaut that guards the gates of Tsar, stands vanquished and its abominable master bent and twisted metal.

Tsar is open to them. They know of many factions within the city that could help or hinder them but their quest is clear. Find the nine disciples so that the great citadel of Orcus can be summoned and the evil within defeated. Along the way they seek Shi’neya’s elven lover Arafea and the remnants of Embers last adventuring party. The party has split, half to protect what they have discovered and keep these lands safe from further incursions. The other to infiltrate Tsar and find the disciples before Orcus’s minions can. We shall follow the latter group on their journey.

Only the gods know if they will survive the Slumbering Tsar Saga!

The published campaign is Slumbering Tsar, copyright of Frog God Games. ‘Slumbering Tsar’ and ‘Frog God Games’ are both Trademarks of Frog God Games and the maps and illustrations posted on this side are done so with their kind permission. I highly recommend the campaign book – even if you dont have a great group like me to play it with – because it is a thoroughly good read. I also recommend Gozuja’s blog Stranger Sojourns http://gozuja.wordpress.com/ as it inspired me to create this record. Thanks Gozuja, you have made it much easier for me to DM this blog.

WARNING SPOILERS. This campaign page contains major spoilers and should not be read by anyone planning on playing a PC in the campaign. The Campaign journals reveal details of a number of locations and NPCs which could ruin the surprise and enjoyment of players. You have been warned.

For reference, the campaign has been set in the Realms, the year of Wild Magic DR 1372. The Desolation roughly corresponds to all of Vaasa but the south east fifth, directly beyond the Vaasan Gate. The recent history of Vaasa and Damara has been re-written for the purposes of this campaignn notably the recent war and the renaming of the city of Bloodstone, Bard’s Gate. Any published characters I accidentally mention, are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, there is no intention to profit in any way from this webpage.

The Slumbering Tsar Saga

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